The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of How to Build of Backlinks


how to build backlinks


Backlinks help websites to build high-rank on search engine result pages. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. Most people don’t know how to build backlinks

What are the Backlinks

Backlinks are a link from one website to another website. It also knowns as an Inbound link, Incoming link. 

Google and other search engines consider backlinks as “votes” for websites.

Why are Backlinks Important

Backlinks are a vital side of SEO. Search engine like Google gives importance backlinks because they trust that the content is valuable, informational and credible.

Backlinks mean votes of other websites. 

What are Backlinks Strategies

Most people don’t know how to build backlinks. We can face many problems, and our website will not rank high on the search engine result page. 

Google can think that that website is spam.

A high-quality backlink is more potent than 1000 low-quality backlinks.

When we will build backlinks from which website, first we should check Domain Authority and Page Authority. 

High DA and PA Websites will help to make a high rank of your website.

You can check the DA and PA of your website by the MOZ tool.

There have five traits of high-quality backlinks.

  • It would help if you came with backlinks from high authority and trusted websites. Example: You have got a backlink from the “Hindustan Times” website, Google will trust that your website’s content is valuable, credible. It will rank highly on the search engine result page.
  • Use Target keyword as anchor text to your link.
  • You always get do-follow backlinks. 

Backlinks are two types – 

  • Do-follow Link
  • No-follow Link

         Do-follow links help your website to the index but no-follow links 

         do not this.

  •  It would be best if you got backlinks from the relevant website. Example: You have a food website. You have two website backlinks – one is another food website, and the second is a travel website. Another food website is a relevant website backlink. 

Relevant website backlinks to build your website high rank on the search engine result page.

  • You should take backlinks from one website. 

How to Build Backlinks

You can use backlinks through many processes.

We can search a relevant website then You can request to build backlinks. 

You can research your competitor for your niche or industry. Your competitor builds backlinks; you can see those websites.

Then You can do guest posting for backlinks. Guest posting is writing and publishing an article to another website. At first, you need permission to write an essay on another website.

There have some websites where you can do guest posting freely.

For backlinks, you can submit an Infographic on infographic submission sites. For  Infographics, you need creativity and a charming design.

You can do Blog commenting on your relevant website. There you can share your website link and request to give backlinks for your website.

You can do Social bookmarking for backlinks. Social bookmarking sites are Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble upon, etc. You create a profile, and then you bookmark your website.

Through PDF Submission, you can build backlinks.


To rank your website high, You will need high-quality backlinks. But you will take little time to build backlinks. SEO is a long time process. Before backlinks, you have to do on-page SEO



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